Garage door slowing down? Is your door too loud? When was the last maintenance on your garage door? Protect your investment from costly repairs with our routine maintenance.

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Normally change both pairs at the same time, a messed up drum can lead to a cable jumping. With our garage door maintenance you prevent premature wear.

These are 11 gauge steel hinges. Cracks form on hinges from continuous usage. This can lead to the sections being damaged by allowing more flexing in the hinge areas

If these lock-up it could cut the torsion tube allowing for the springs to lose tension potentially causing major damage to the door

It’s nice to have these on both sides of the garage door to stop people from breaking in and to help in the event of a hurricane from your door being blown in.

Fix Jumped Cables

Replace Broken Hinges

Replace Damaged Beams

Replace Broken Cables

Fix Openers/ Replace Openers

Fix Bent Track

Replace Bad Wall Button

Replace Bottom Seal

Install New Trim

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