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Armstrong Garage Door Inc. has been providing the finest service to Seminole County since 1991. We bring experienced garage door service to Altamonte Springs, Casselberry, Geneva, Sanford, Oviedo, and Winter Springs. This service includes garage door repairs like broken springs, installing new garage doors, replacing broken hinges, connecting cars up to openers and many more! We are available 24/7 for emergencies in our communities.

Seminole County Safety Sensors

Is the door not going down?

                The safety sensors are an important part of your garage door opener. They stop your door from being able to go down when something is blocking the connection between them. To fix an alignment issue is simple. All you must do is make sure each sensor has a light on them. If for any reason you cannot seem to get them to work, there is a quick solution to get your door down. All you must do is hold the wall button until the door gets to the bottom. Just call Armstrong Garage Door and we can get a technician out to fix the problem if you are not able to figure it out.

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Cracked Door

Damaged garage door panels

Lucky for you the panels can be replaced if they are too severely damaged. A damaged panel can end up causing more problems if left unchecked. One of the biggest problems is the structural stability of the garage door. This could lead to your door not closing all the way or it being blown in with strong winds. Cracks can form on the panels over time leading to the door become weaker. Cracks cannot be fixed but if in a pinch a strut can be added to the door to add support allowing for the door to last a little bit longer.

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Seminole County Services

These services include garage door repairs like broken springs, cables off, opener repairs, and even new garage door installations.

When You Need a New Garage Door. Whether your garage door is made of steel, aluminum, or of old-fashioned wood, Armstrong Garage Door is ready to get the job done. Go To Installations.

Whether your garage door has reached typical garage door life expectancy, wore-out parts from normal wear and tear or was struck by a car, Armstrong Garage Door is here to help. Go To Repairs.

Our routine maintenance can make the difference when it comes to the life and operation of your garage doors. We’ll keep your doors running smoothly longer and reduce the need for costly repairs. Go To Maintenance.

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