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Armstrong Garage Door Inc. has been providing quality service to Osceola County since 1991. We provide professional garage door service to Kissimmee, St. Cloud, and Celebration. If you have a problem like a broken spring, cables came off, new opener installs, and garage door panel replacements. We are here for you and able to fix any garage door problems.

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Yearly Maintenance

                Getting your garage door looked at by a professional at least once a year is a good idea. Most people do not realize when something is wrong because if the door goes up and down, they think everything is okay with it. A few things could be broken that only a professional would see and notice. This would include a hinge that is cracked, rollers that are worn out, cables that are coming apart, as well as opener parts wearing down. These are just a few of the things that our technicians look at when they inspect the garage door.

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Is there a gap under your door?

                Have you ever wondered how leaves and water keeps getting in your garage? You may need a new bottom seal. The bottom seal is a great thing to have replaced every now and again. It stops things like water, leaves, bugs, and critters from getting into the garage. No one wants to go into their garage and see a snake just lying on the floor. The other purpose of the bottom seal is that it cushions the door as it goes down. It helps protect the bottom panel from being damaged by slamming hard on the ground.

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These services include garage door repairs like broken springs, cables off, opener repairs, and even new garage door installations.

When You Need a New Garage Door. Whether your garage door is made of steel, aluminum, or of old-fashioned wood, Armstrong Garage Door is ready to get the job done. Go To Installations.

Whether your garage door has reached typical garage door life expectancy, wore-out parts from normal wear and tear or was struck by a car, Armstrong Garage Door is here to help. Go To Repairs.

Our routine maintenance can make the difference when it comes to the life and operation of your garage doors. We’ll keep your doors running smoothly longer and reduce the need for costly repairs. Go To Maintenance.

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