garage door frequently asked questions

What horsepower garage door opener do I need to lift my door?

Which model is better, the chain drive, the belt drive or the screw drive?

Will your garage door opener open my eight, nine or ten foot door?

How do I test the automatic reverse system?

Why does my garage door reverse as it is closing?

My remote control has 8 or 9 switches. How do I code it?

How do I program my Wireless Keyless Entry System?

How do I control my limit adjustments?

How do I make force adjustments?

What do I do if my remote control does not open my garage door?

My remote control has a green light on the front. How do I code it?

My remote has a yellow light or no light on the fronts and no code switches. How do I code it?

How do I program my Wired Keyless Entry System?

Why isn't my remote control and/or Keyless Entry System functioning?

what our customers are saying

Excellent. Outstanding and professional service. I called at 7:45 am and they were there by 10:00 am to fix the broken springs. A new door opener was required which was done by the end of the day.

J. Roberts , Another Happy Customer

I returned from an errand today, Friday, and the garage door would not work, looked inside and discovered spring broken. Armstrong Garage Door was able to schedule repairs for 2-3 hours later on the same day. They arrived in 2 hours and completed repairs in about 45 minutes. Easy to recommend and I will call again if needed.

Julie Williams , Another Happy Customer

They were very friendly and I believe that I got a much better opener and at a much better price than what I could have gotten from the builder. I’m very happy with the opener and the company.

Ray Barnes , Another Happy Customer

Thank you for the great job you did on the installation of my new garage door. I could not have asked for a better job to be done. Everything was completed in a timely matter with little inconvenience to myself or my family. The door looks great!!!

Kim C. , Another Happy Customer
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