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Central Florida's #1 Garage Door Repair Company

Armstrong Garage Door is the leading Garage Door Repair Company in Central Florida. We provide a wide range of services and we specialize in garage door maintenance, broken spring replacement, emergency garage door repair, and garage door panel replacement. 


We’ve been committed to homeowners’ needs and have been providing complete satisfaction since 1991. We believe in taking care of the homeowner first thing, and always have affordable garage door repair costs. If you have issues with any part of your garage door system or think you’re in need of garage door repair don’t delay, and always take the proper safety precautions.


Don’t forget, our dedicated service crew can even offer same day service for emergency situations like opener malfunctions, garage-door spring replacement, or cable snaps.

Garage Door Maintenance / Repair

No one really thinks too much about their garage as long as the garage door opens. The minute a torsion spring breaks or you need an automatic opener repair that's when people start thinking about their garage. We have built a reputation of being the #1 garage door repair company in Central Florida.

The number one thing people think about is when something goes wrong is replacement costs and the dreaded service fee. This even seems to scare some people away from even wanting a price quote or estimate.

A repair or even the whole garage door replacement cost doesn't have to break the bank. Our replacement costs are some of the best in all of Central Florida. We only use new and durable replacement parts that are resistant to water damage on every price quote we provide. 

Even if you need a new door, we can help you pick the right style door for your home and ensure that your replacement costs are kept reasonable.

With all of that said, the easiest way to prevent garage door replacement cost in the first place is with proper maintenance. Cable snaps and high tension spring replacement is often the result of poor maintenance.

Regular maintenance can be simple and easy if performed by an experienced technician like the experts at Armstrong. Serious injury can occur if proper safety precautions are not followed. 

That's why we check your entire system for signs of wear and water damage. We lubricate moving parts with white lithium grease. We make sure all of the safety features are functioning properly including your pulleys, lift cables, release handle, and even your weatherstrip at the bottom of the door. 

Click HERE to find out more about how the experts at Armstrong can help you maintain your garage door system. 
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